Lest We Succumb

by Patriot Patrol

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released September 11, 2011

Recorded, mixed & equalized @ Basement Bozo Studio
in Monticello, Illinois

All music & lyrics by Patriot Patrol
Patriot Patrol is:
Tommy Duggins - guitars, vocals, programming



all rights reserved


Patriot Patrol Urbana, Illinois

"The new album NEVERENDING SKY will be the perfect soundtrack to my Solar Eclipse Experience (SEE) on August 21, 2017."
- Sun Viewers Anonymous

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Track Name: Bigger Fish
I'll be sending you a card
with my mind made up now
I've been working pretty hard
but I don't ask much now

Any time I'm under attack
You're protecting my interests
if interests are to be had
Nothing to lose and nothing to hide
I'm down with an uprise
Left to fight for our rights

Here we go along the way
Sometimes bigger fish should learn to be the prey
Bread and circuses on the way
Track Name: What I've Seen
Drug my feet through the dust and sage
To tie my own shoes and act my age
Watered my eyes and wiped them clean
It's not where I've been
It's what I've seen

Tie a man up and lay him down
Show him you care through glove and gown
Fight for life in a bad, bad dream
It's not what you'd think
It's what I've seen
If you insist, let's all just make believe

And I finally figured out how one thing leads to another
Turn the other cheek and grin with shit between your teeth
As long as you're in their race
you'll keep getting turned away like a beggar
I put it all together

Pushed through hell out the other side
To find miles to go past the finish line
Try to cope within one's means
It's not what you've read
It's what I've seen
Still you invest in positivity

Time we took a break from hope and change
I hope someday you'll change your mind
We don't have room for games
when we fight each other, gravity, and time 
We know nothing and we don't know why
When you lie awake under the ocean,
do you try to take another last breath?
If you're falling from the top of a mountain,
do you glide away on wings you have spread?
You can do anything with positivity
Expect the best? Then get away from me
Track Name: I Can Only See You In the Dark
Some things I don't have time for
I never know what you choose to ignore
Should I go shopping or stay indoors
With duct tape on my curtains because
I can only see you in the dark

While you will try to trip me up
Your buddy picks my pocket free of charge
The stuff that you're made up of
Might as well be toxic because
I can only see you in the dark
I can only see you when I'm
not supposed to know what happened

I'd rather wander off somewhere
than spend my life getting scared
When I can't tell the difference between
yellow and orange
So give it to me straight next time
Or see about going straight to the source
When the stream is only ankle deep
who neeeds a horse
Track Name: Good Hustle
Good hustle
You almost won a little prize today
Your hard work will pay
I'm talking 'bout the real thing
Look at me
I ain't talking 'bout the real thing
What the hell did you think?
Good hustle
pick yourself up and just walk it off
Pull on them bootstraps boy

In this world
anything is possible
as long as someone else let's you do it
and takes a cut of the profit
Track Name: Forget-Me-Not
Places I could not call home
I've only roamed on trampled bones
They named the lake and dammed the river
damned the quiver and the bow

Sleeping Indian
take a breath and shake the valley
Teach restless men
Don't forget where they lie

Brush aside
their pilgrim's pride
You let it slide
a flooding tide

Way down inside
You'd rather stay lost than talk to strangers
Mud in their lungs
will set them right

Acts of gods
found and lost
Among forget-me-nots
forget me not
Track Name: Bombs Away
Oh for goodness sake
I'm born to hesitate
A silent citizen aroused
Not the first time the body can't be found

And when the war is finally won
We'll set the bomb from kill to stun
Refined and enriched with added value

Drown in debt and pay to breath
Inherit nothing but disease and crooked teeth
Follow footsteps one by one, for a lifespan
I'm already halfway done, so bombs away

Set the fire and hit the lights
I built my shelter but I won't pick up the fight
Let my isotopes break down

If it's easy, it'll be over in a day
You won't see me
taking cover when they say,
"Bombs away!"
Track Name: Squanderlust
Throw away my cares and the bucket list
In my car, on my own
I start to think I missed the exodus
And there's no-where to go

No-more looking up
Squander wanderlust
Souvenirs from truck stops
Will have to be enough

Hard to see the world when my horizon ends
Where the ground meets the sky
On a plane of rows where no life exists
Roundup ready to die

Where corn is king
In a sea of green
It's everywhere but
There's not a bite to eat

Automobile, fire and wheel
a pinnacle of progress
stone to steel, prairie to field
We'll burn it if we've got it

Ultraviolet April's waning waves of snow
casualties of winter lie exposed

What can I say
I'm the one that stayed
To push the paper
to smile and obey

People I know get up and go
They're moving to Chicago
People with plans, friends who shake hands
and forget it by tomorrow

I'll feel much better when i don't feel at all
Track Name: Heart So Black
I want to be alone
I want to be known
for having a heart so black
to boom and bust
a belt of rust
and a burden on my back

Fall apart without fire or fanfare
On your mark for the human race
Tell myself I'm getting my fair share
A little more than a dying wage
When do you say "I've had enough"
Settling down before I've started up

Only dust rises up from the ash
These buildings weren't built to last
A legacy made of broken glass
And we didn't even breathe fresh air

I was moved and touched
and shoved so much
all I did was wax romantic
about a give and take
that was bound to break
given the integrity of plastic
A little rain will cave my roof in
A little weed can crack the road
Power lines lose power so easy
After that we'll be unknown
Trembling trees with crowns of crows
Line the streets where houses ain't called homes

Do you ever think that they might've been right
Some people who've been taking flight
Won't get lost in the middle of the night
'Cause it's the middle of the night somewhere
Track Name: Zoo Bomb
You've got the starring role in your own narrative
You made your way out west to find
a place where you might live in repose
predisposed to rule of Bohemian empire
I'd Better not do that,
No, I'd better not do that
I'd better get outta the way

Zoo bomb to my house on your daughter's tricycle
Burnside might go all the way
Stop signs won't slow the stages of our life cycle
Learn not to go nor to stay

Not quite the leading man, but not without the knack
for rolling through the bed once or twice
at the end of the second act
even though I'm not in Chicago's Manual Of Style
No, I'd better not do that

I come from a long line of repetitive motion makers
So I should do fine if you stop on by tonight
Don't be subtle with the signs
Track Name: I Don't Look Anymore
Why, such a pity that we act surprised
When the ticket to a better life gets lost
who's the boss
Who won, when we're running up a zero sum
In increments of sound bytes
I've become comfortably dumb

I think I might've heard this before
I've grown tired of our war
So I don't look anymore
So much for luxury

Sold, we fancy ourselves so bold
But can we ever fall for a slogan man?
Yes we can
In turn, put piggy and bigwig first
Re-inflate their bubbles 'til they burst
Take my shirt

I think I might've heard this before
I've grown tired of the wars
So I don't look anymore
I believe what is right in front of me
The American dream was only there in my sleep
Such a luxury to be all you can be

Set up, in the invisible fist we trust
Don't tell me that we're in for more bad luck
What the fuck

I don't look anymore
I don't look anymore
Wake me up at World War IV
'Cause I don't look anymore
Track Name: Try Me
I wish that I could see
the armies marching overseas
You've been searching on TV
and they've been watching through your window
You could build the gun or train to be the killer
But I'll be holding on to something less familiar

Been told to love thyself
and it is good to know thy neighbor
They're managing our wealth
and we'll be managing without
You could feed the fund or allow it to be pilfered
But I'll be holding on to something less familiar

Read me my rights from wrong
See where my mind has gone

What if they try me baby
What if they beat my head against the wall
What if they try to break me
What if they try and blame me for it all
What if they try

They do what they do best
Destroy the world and call it progress
You won't see this unrest
They'll make examples out of us
You could be a bum or shovel shit until you're dead
But I'll be holding on to something less familiar

Wait for a break from lies
Hate keep us pacified
Cant go on like this forever
Surely someone ought to know

I wish that I could see
the armies marching overseas
You'll be searching on TV
And they'll be coming through your window
I'll be holding on